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Refund and Registration Policy

Please check below for our policies relevant to Child Care and Summer Camp programs

DayCare and Out-of-School-Care

Registration Procedure 

Registration of your child requires: 

- Completing a registration form and emergency cards 

- Paying a $50 non-refundable deposit which includes an accumulation of $5 taken off each month and one month’s fees paid upfront. 

- Providing an up-to-date immunization record. 


*If you have chosen not to immunize your child, we require a letter acknowledging the risks involved. If you receive or will be applying for a childcare subsidy, your transfer or application must be approved prior to starting at the centre. Please keep staff informed of any changes to your address, phone numbers, emails, emergency contacts, doctors, and persons authorized to pick up your child. This information is required by our Licensing Officer. It also assists us in ensuring your child’s safety and making quick arrangements when children are ill.

Payment of Fees 

Parents/guardians will be invoiced for all dates registered for by the last day of each month. Families are responsible to make payment by the 30/31st of the month via scheduled direct deposit. Please note, payments must be paid in full, and refunds will not be given for any days your child was booked but did not attend (i.e.sick time or vacation days). Failure to comply with the fee policy Braefoot will proceed as follows: 


1) An updated invoice including the late payment administrative fee will be placed in your child’s cubby or sent via email serving as a first notice. Please be reminded that if your child is not booked into daycare this does not relinquish your responsibility to make payment on time. Payment is due by the designated date written within the notice; please remember to check your child’s cubby or your email on a frequent basis. 

2) If payment is not received by the designated date written in the first notice a final notice will be delivered. Families that receive a final notice will be notified that if payment is not received within the specified date their child care space will be forfeited. If payment is not received, Braefoot reserves the right to obtain the services of a collection agency and release all relevant information in order to pursue the outstanding account. You will be invoiced for any additional costs incurred.

Withdrawal Policy 

Families are required to provide a minimum of one month's written notice to withdraw their child from Braefoot Childcare Center. Families will remain responsible for their child’s fees for one month of services if notice has been received. 

A withdrawal from the program does not guarantee that space will be available if you 9 wish to re-enter the program. Parents are responsible for re-adding their children to the Centralized Waitlist by emailing

For more information and policies please check the Parent Handbook for each program.

Summer Camps and School Year Camps

● It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary emergency information (i.e. medical and/or special needs) has been disclosed. We encourage parents to speak with camp leaders prior to the start of the program.

● For the safety of all children with allergies, we require all snacks and lunches to be NUT-FREE.

● PLEASE NOTE: N.S.F. cheques are subject to a $50.00 service charge.

● Refunds will not be issued for non-attendance on a scheduled day of camp.

● Refunds only apply when the withdrawal of a child is received in writing 2 weeks prior to the start of any camp. All cancellations are subject to a $50 admin fee per camp.

● I acknowledge that Braefoot can collect, use, disclose and store personal information as set out in their Privacy Policy. I hereby release Braefoot and its employees from all claims, demands, losses, actions, suits or proceedings arising out of the participation of the applicant named in any facility or at any location where a program is being held.

 Covid-19 related policy can be found here

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