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Our Mission

At Braefoot Community Association, we stand for a bright future for our community and the families around us; we strongly believe this goal is only reachable by creating a warm and nurturing environment that educates and empowers the youths to continuously make positive contributions to society.

The Braefoot Community Association enables youth to participate in activities that promote positive and active lifestyles, which contribute to healthy communities.

Our Values

Stay Active, Stay Healthy
When it comes to a healthy and active lifestyle, we are all in! We believe that staying active from an early age helps children to obtain healthy hobbies and allows them to carry that into their adolescence. Our outdoor playground and sports facilities enable your loved ones to participate in group activities and play their favourite sports with their friends.

Family and Culture
Family is everything, and at Braefoot Community Association, we are a big family shaped by our staff, our youngsters and their families. Our culture is based on positivity, and that is nothing but love, care and attention.
verything starts with our lovely staff, who bring a beautiful smile to work and support each other to fill our environment with positive energy. We are dedicated to creating a family-oriented community for youths and maintaining positive relationships with the families. We are always there for you.

As we believe in the importance of empowering youths to the future of the community, we have been supporting post-secondary students by awarding them with bursaries to cover their tuition fees and education expenses since 1986. In addition, we came up with the Junior Leadership Program, where we help our young fellas gain hands-on leadership and organizational experiences; essential skills that lead them toward becoming a leader in the community and enhancing the lives around them.

Love for Nature
Vancouver Island is blessed with majestic rainforests, beautiful mountain ranges, and mesmerizing ocean views. We share our love for nature with our youths to help them connect to this beautiful planet. Our program's curriculum has a unique Earth Science and Outdoor Educational theme following our partnership with EcoQuest Adventures, designed as an educational, fun and engaging tool for all ages.

Our Vision

You and your family are at the heart of everything we do. We provide an environment of caring, dedication, integrity and quality through our skilled and professional team. We strive to promote a learning environment for our youths by encouraging exploration, fostering the development of social skills, and cultivating relationships. We endeavour to meet and exceed your expectations by continuously improving our care programs and facilities.

Braefoot park at Braefoot community association
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