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The Braefoot Community Association is and has been a proud member of the community for over 35 years.

For the last 35 years Braefoot has been focused on serving the community with programming, events, donations and more. We offer a wide range of programs from our daycare's to our summer camps and all of our programs have a focus on outdoor education. Braefoot also hosts annual events throughout to year and invite all families in the community to take part in our barbecues, gala dinners as well as some smaller events throughout the year. Braefoot also aims to help the community by giving bursaries to deserving students who play a part in the community every year and have been donating for over 20 years. 

We pride ourselves on having inclusive programming to ensure every child has a safe and enjoyable time in our programs! Braefoot has served over 40,000 children in the community and we continue to add to that total every day with our programs including Daycare, preschool, out of school care, school year camps and our summer camps! We strive to enable youth to participate in activities that promote positive and active lifestyles, which contribute to healthy communities. We run all of our programs with a focus on outdoor education in collaboration with Eco Quest Adventures to ensure we can offer a safe, stimulating, engaging atmosphere where children can learn, play, make friends and thrive within our programs.


We are committed to support the community by giving bursaries to students every year, we offer bursaries to Vancouver Island students who play a part in the community. The Braefoot Bursaries program has donated over $350,000 to students who make a difference in the community since the inception of the bursaries program!

Braefoot also plays host to many events throughout the year such as our Braefoot Family fun events where everyone in the community will have the opportunity to enjoy a BBQ, live entertainment, games, mascots and lots of local vendors all for free!

Since its inception, the Braefoot Community Association has: 

  • Over 40,000 youth participate in our summer programs over the last 35 years

  • Awarded over 375 Bursaries to post-secondary students with an average amount being $1000. BCA has given out approximately  $375,000 in total bursaries to students in the community since the inception of the program in 1990

  • Have independently fundraised and created a bursary fund in excess of $290,000

  • Run community events that have reached  over 1,000,000 people over the 35 years BCA has been active in the community

  • Participated in and supported several world-class athletes to be able to compete and achieve at a competitive level in professional, Olympic and national sports

  • Opened 2 affordable daycare facilities within the community.

  • Opened 2 affordable out of school care facilities in the community.

  • Plans to open 2 affordable pre-schools in the community.

  • Hosted our "Family fun zone" bouncy castle and booth at over 30 charity fundraiser events.

  • Launched our "Family paddle days" initiative offering families an opportunity to engage in kayaking under the guidance of certified kayak instructors. With slots for over 600 people.

  • Founded the original Braefoot park facility.


Sean Nacey is the chairman of braefoot community association braefoot park

Sean Nacey - Chairman

Braefoot Community Associations board of directors

The 2023 Braefoot Board of Directors looks forward to working with you and our partners to continue to offer valuable facilities and programs to our community!

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