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The Braefoot Community Association has been a proud member of the community for over 30 years! 

The original building was achieved through the hard work and dedication of many community partners, including the Municipality of Saanich, trade unions, Lakehill Soccer and Saanich Lacrosse. Over the years, the building has grown to include paved parking and increased lighting on and off the fields. 

Since its inception, the Braefoot Community Association has: 

  • Over 40,000 youth participate in our summer programs

  • Awarded over 350 Bursaries to post-secondary students with an average amount being $1000. BCA has given out approximately  $350,000 in total bursaries to students in the community since the inception of the program

  • Have independently fundraised and created a bursary fund in excess of $250,000

  • Contributed financially, in-kind and with labour to the lacrosse box renovations

  • Raised 100% of the funds for the playground located behind the facility

  • Assisted and supported Lakehill soccer in raising funds for the turf field

  • Maintained, upgraded and renovated inside spaces of the Braefoot Park Centre several times over the years

  • Installed and Maintained a Sport Court for the Lacrosse Box (It has since been removed)

  • Run community events that have reached  over 1,000,000 people over the 30 years BCA has been active in the community

  • Successfully ran the Community Association for over 30 years

  • Participated in and supported several world-class athletes to be able to compete and achieve at a competitive level in professional, Olympic and national sports


Sean Nacey - Chairman

The 2023 Braefoot Board of Directors looks forward to working with you and our partners to continue to offer valuable facilities and programs to our community!

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