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Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday    9:00 am - 1:00 pm

At Braefoot Community Association’s preschool, we have developed a program tailored for 3 to 5-year-olds, prioritizing active engagement with others and the world, while celebrating each child's uniqueness and fostering a secure sense of belonging for all the children.

We establish meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities to support the education of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous children, with a specific focus on learning about Indigenous lands and histories.

Our curriculum, developed in partnership with EcoQuest Adventures, emphasizes Earth Science and Outdoor Education, ensuring that learning is both enjoyable and engaging for everyone. Additionally, we place great emphasis on physical and social skills development, taking a holistic approach to children's growth. Our team of experienced ECEs will develop a learning program for each individual child to ensure that their needs are met and that they are provided with the best possible learning experience.

Earth Science Nature

Outdoor Activities

Indigenous Education 

Arts and Crafts

Social Skills

At this time, the Preschool program is only available at our Marigold facility.

We are looking forward to welcoming families to the Braefoot location by September 2024.


For Registrations please reach us at:



Full-Time Program (up to 5 days a week)                                             $700 / per month

Part-Time Program (up to 3 days a week)                                            $450 / per month

The Braefoot Community Association has been officially approved by the CCFRI to provide valuable assistance to parents seeking to minimize their expenses.

For more information please contact our team!


Parent Handbook

Please follow the link to find our Preschool Handbook


Please use the following link for any Subsidy inquiries or to get your subsidy started!

Work with Us

If you want to work with our OSC program follow the link to available jobs!

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