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Out of school care

Before School Care:       7:30 am-Start of School Day

After School Care:          End of School Day - 5:30 pm

The Braefoot Community Association is dedicated to providing an environment that is conducive to the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of children. We promote an active and healthy lifestyle, believing that this can only be achieved through a nurturing environment that encourages the youth to make positive contributions to the community.

To this end, we provide safe, fun, energetic and high-quality programming for children that encompasses outdoor activities and an Earth-Science-themed curriculum. We are committed to promoting a healthy self-image for each child by fostering exploration, developing their social skills, and creating meaningful relationships through Our OSC program designed to accommodate children aged between 5 and 11 years old.

Earth Science Nature

Outdoor Activities

Social Skills

Arts and Crafts

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

We offer our Out-of-School Care programs for all the following elementary schools: Braefoot, Lakehill, Doncaster, École Beausoleil, and Marigold.

For Registrations please reach us at:



Before School Care (Part Time)                                                                        $185 / per month

Before School Care (Full Time)                                                                         $205 / per month

After School Care (Part Time)                                                                           $275 / per month

After School Care (Full Time)                                                                            $375 / per month 

Braefoot And Marigold Out Of School Care Monthly Curriculum

Marigold OOSC.png

The Braefoot Community Association has been officially approved by the CCFRI to provide valuable assistance to parents seeking to minimize their expenses.

For more information please contact our team!



Parent Handbook

Please follow the link to find our OSC Handbook


Please use the following link for any Subsidy inquiries or to get your subsidy started!

Work with Us

If you want to work with our OSC program follow the link to available jobs!

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