Updated June 8, 2021.


These guidelines are intended to protect participants, parents/guardians, and Braefoot staff in Braefoot programs. This plan will be updated as new scientific information, government recommendations, and social norms become available. This is a continually evolving situation that requires adaptation and flexibility.  

We will notify you of any additional specific advice about Children’s programs and COVID 19 as it becomes available from reliable sources such as the BC Centre for Disease Control.


Prior to the Camp:


Each participant should be monitored for symptoms associated with COVID-19. Should the participant experience any symptoms of COVID-19, 811 should be called and their instructions followed. 

If the participant’s condition changes at any time during the program, 811 should be called and their instructions followed.  

Participants may, at their parents’ discretion, bring a face mask with them to the program each day to wear during activities where social distancing will be difficult to maintain.

During the program:


Program Leaders will be monitoring the participants for symptoms of COVID-19 while they are at Braefoot. If someone is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 at a Braefoot program:

We will contact 811 and follow whatever their instructions are.  Responses will likely be as follows:


  • If the person is in acute distress (urgent), then we’ll call 911 and follow their directions

  • If the person is not in acute distress (semi-urgent or non-urgent), then we’ll follow isolation protocols, call parents/guardians, report the potential outbreak to health officials, and instigate a 14 day isolation protocol for all participants unless they can access reliable testing and be cleared by an appropriate medical professional.  

It is not possible to strictly enforce a 2m physical distance between participants at all times in a summer camp setting. As such, our risk management for COVID-19 is based on a standard of reasonable risk rather than a standard of caution.  

It is important to note that respiratory, fecal-oral, and environmental transmission for a host of viral, bacterial, and protozoan infections are a normal aspect of risk management in any child care related program. Many of our existing protocols and practices such as hand washing, and surface cleaning are standard operating procedure. However, these protocols are being enhanced due to COVID-19. 


Leaders are required to wear masks at all times during the programs, and there are gloves available should any participant require first aid. Commonly touched surfaces (door handles, light switches, etc) will be sanitized twice a day. Other surfaces will be sanitized once a day. Each leader will have a container of hand sanitizer and will dispense it to the participants at regular intervals throughout the day.


After the program:


If someone develops COVID-19 symptoms or test positives for COVID-19 within 14 days of the end of your program, please: 

  • Call 811 and follow their instructions

  • Self isolate

  • Contact Braefoot Office at 250-721-2244 or as soon as possible so we can notify other group members.