In 2015 Braefoot lost one of their beloved camp leaders - Elliott Dagg, aka EllDago - after a courageous batttle with cancer. To keep him close to our hearts, we have partnered with his family to honour his love of sports and the campers at Braefoot. 

Elliott Lyall Dagg was born 27th July 1995. 

Elliott grew into a strong and charming young man that enriched our lives beyond measure – he had an incredible sense of integrity and an inner strength that was beyond his years. Elliott had a gift for athletics, a quirky sense of humour and could cheer up a room with a simple wise crack, or his charismatic grin. He had a laidback approach to life and always was the first to pull up his sleeves and help out – he had a way of making everything and everybody around him, just a little bit better. After putting up a heroic 309-day battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, never complaining or allowing his glowing personality to dim, he tragically passed on 6th January 2015. 

To honour Elliott’s true spirit of giving, The RED Fund has been set-up in his name – to create a legacy that will allow Elliott to live on in our hearts. Funds will be raised from a variety of initiatives, that will be set up in perpetuity to enrich the lives of young people through sport and education. Funds collected will be through fundraising efforts and private donations. The funds will go to benefit youth involved in sports and/or education by way of bursaries and scholarships. 

Elliott’s family will also donate to the BC Cancer Foundation to further cancer research, in the hopes that one day, this disease that does not discriminate, will be stopped. 

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