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  • How do i get tax forms and receipts from programs?
    This link should help you find the forms you need. Click Here
  • Can my child sign up for a camp even though they are not old enough yet?
    Please send us an email to with answers to the following. Has your child been in a full day camp before? When do they turn of age for the selected camp? Wow they are with older children, are they comfortable with going to camps with older kids? Typically, if the child is 6 months off turning the age of camp, we consider them.
  • My Child attended camp last year, am I still a member?
    The membership is a yearly subscription, so if you wish to get special offers and discounts for this year you will need to purchase a membership again.
  • Why is the 40% off discount not applying at checkout
    The 40% discount is automatically to the select camps that are eligible for after a Braefoot membership is purchased. Seperately.
  • My Child wants to join the junior leadership program. How can we do that?
    The volunteer program runs over 2 weeks consecutively and we have a built-in program of how to teach youth to become a leader. At this stage, we would like to know which 2 weeks of camps you are interested in and from there, our program operation director will help you.
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